Tuhan, Penjaga Israel

Mazmur 121

Aku melayangkan mataku ke gunung-gunung
Darimanakah datangnya pertolonganku?
Pertolonganku ialah dari Tuhan,
yang menjadikan langit dan bumi.

Ia tak kan membiarkan kakimu goyah
Penjagamu tidak akan terlelap
Sesungguhnya tidak terlelap dan tidak tertidur Penjaga Israel
Tuhanlah Penjagamu, Tuhanlah naunganmu, di sebelah tangan kananmu

Matahari tidak akan menyakiti engkau pada waktu siang, atau bulan pada waktu malam
Tuhan akan menjaga engkau terhadap segala kecelakaan, Ia akan menjaga nyawamu
Tuhan akan menjaga keluar masukmu
Dari sekarang sampai selamanya…

Donnerstag, 6.3.2008
Sometimes when i want to write on this website, i can’t find any words which are proper to describe what i mean or matters which i want to figure out, or other times i have no ideas. Then i try to refer to many resources..it could be books, articles, stories, conversations, films, everything which can inspires me..each contains many wisdom and costly values about life..
But most times i feel, without any intention to trivialise their worth, i just feel there is an empty place, which everything can’t make it full. i thought maybe i should find the main resource, i mean, everything should derive from something.
Then i have found it. It is so close to me. But either it just an obsolete book, dusty…being forgotton.
But as i read it, i can feel that fullness, i can find the answer, i find the certainty, and i feel i don’t need to find any other words, i don’t need to make any other stories. i feel i have enough. it just fill me and make me full.
i am not an expert, i am not a good man, i am not devout…
but as i read it, i just think, now i can understand what it had meant with this sentence : Your words is the living words….


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