Don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s all small stuff

The way of viewing something :
Don’ worry if you have a bad feeling. Don’t deny it but try to place it within bigger context.

Wake up earlier :
You have the gold hours for reading, meditating, or planning your day in serenity

Prevent thinking that amiable and relax person can’t make acchievement :
It is not always that; a hustle and bustle life is relevant to the image of enthusiastic person with great perfomance.
Let that tranquility unites within us in our serving and acchieving our goal, still we can enjoy it.

Don’t cut off and end up what people’s saying:
it makes you become more relax and amiably

Learn to leave for today :
Life is that everything which has happened while we are busy to plan for the next.

Ask your self, will it be any problem in the next year? :
There’s a time when we laugh at our anxiety in the past which is proved to be nothing for today.

Let your self being bored :
You are human, not machine. Supposed that after you have come through all that bad time, it will refine your mind and give you brandnew idea.

The only time left is today :
it compels you to determine your priority

Imagine that people in your life are baby or elderly aged 100 years old :
It makes you become more passionate (also being astonished and grateful)

Clarify your significant goal :
Think also about internal acchievement not only about external acchievemnet, supposing personality improvement.


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