“Untuk segala sesuatu ada masanya, untuk apapun di bawah langit ada waktunya…Ia membuat segala sesuatu indah pada waktunya….” Pengkhotbah 3.

I still remember, as I was a kid, how I liked to be grown up soon, as I was in elementary school I thought how cool those guys who were in high school. Still in my mind, how I prayed for a bicycle which I could ride on it on my way to school with my friends, but after a while I had experienced it I was getting tired and bored, then I thought how nice it was getting picked up in vehicle everyday after school. Time passed by then I found that getting picked up was not interesting anymore.

Then came a time when I was looking back, how I hoped my childhood could be back again. How I missed the time I rode my bike and laughed along the way to school among friends. And still it was nothing wrong being picked up everyday after school. It was such a beautiful moment from my viewpoint now. Why I could not fully enjoy it? Why I should have at least a little regret at that time: wishing for something which was not due yet?

Time moves on. And what had happened is just like this: I regreted that why I could not just fully enjoy those moments in the past that happened once in a life, which I realized it actually good after it had gone? Then, I was spending days, living in regret for the past and sort of regret wishing for something which is not due yet. And it was so going on, until some points came up: Is there something missed here? What about today? What is going on now, this very moment? I should know that each time is entitled to its spesific moment. Just take it like it is now. “Everything under this world has its time, and GOD makes everything wonderful just in time!”

Get action and live for believe !! Do not forget to enjoy and be grateful !! God bless us.


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